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Participating Schools

The aim of the scheme is not only to encourage students from under-represented backgrounds to gain interest and experience of heritage and cultural organisations, but also to enable such students to gain worthwhile experience of the environment of work in major institutions, whether or not they have a heritage-related career in mind.

If you are interested in running this scheme in your own school, or for any further enquiries, please contact: Hannah Snell, Education and Outreach Officer.

The following schools participate in the scheme:

Bacon's College (Southwark)
Becket School (Nottingham)
The Charter School (Southwark)
The City of London Academy (Southwark)
William Morris Sixth Form (Hammersmith)



Students from the City of London Academy in 2016 with the Rt. Hon the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Lord Mountevans, and Chairman of the Cultural Scholarship Chairman, Geoffrey Bond OBE.

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