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Membership  /  Livery and Freedom of the Company


Livery and Freedom of the Company


Following interview by Past Masters or Wardens, election by the Court and admission at a suitable ceremony, membership of the Company starts with the “Freedom” of the Company. Freemen are entitled to attend the Company’s Annual Dinner, Installation Dinner and the majority of Company events (Liverymen have first call on heavily subscribed events), and to receive the Company Newsletters free of charge and to participate in Common Hall.

After a minimum of one year in the Freedom, and having also become Freemen of the City of London (details available from the Clerk), Freemen are encouraged to progress to the Livery.



Admissions ceremony 2017


The Livery constitutes the core of the Company. To apply to join the Livery, Freemen must have obtained the Freedom of the City of London, and it is expected that they will have contributed regularly to the Arts Scholars Charitable Trust and participated in Company events. Only Liverymen of the Company can become members of the Court and (if elected by the Court) become a Warden and Master.

Liverymen are particularly invited to the annual Livery Dinner each autumn and the Installation Ceremony, as well as the Annual Banquet and Installation Dinner. Liverymen also have priority of booking for heavily subscribed Company events, receive the Company Newsletters free of charge and can participate in Common Hall.



Admissions ceremony 2018

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