Thank you for considering a Legacy to our Charitable Trust: legacies are a vital way in which you can support our Charitable Trust and we (and our various beneficiaries) are most grateful.

  • If you decide to include us in your will this will be treated in strictest confidence

  • Legacies to charity are generally exempt from inheritance tax

  • Please consult your solicitor when making or modifying your will

  • Further information on legacies is set out below.


If you leave at least 10% of what is left of your estate over the nil rate band of inheritance tax to charity, the tax liability on the remaining assets in your estate falls from 40% to 36%.

This means that if you are thinking of leaving 4% of your net estate to charity, you may want to consider increasing this to 10%, as your family and other beneficiaries would be no worse off and your chosen charities would be better off.

This is a summary of the position for general guidance only (as at December 2019). Please be sure to take specific legal advice when including such a gift in your will.

Our full name and registered charity number are:


Registered Charity Number: 1121954



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